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Acrylic and mixed media on watercolor block
Approx. 55.5"x56.5"
February 2014
Oil diffusion
Acrylic on watercolor block
Approx. 40"x54"
November 2013
Acrylic on watercolor block
approx. 60"x43"
November 2013
BP Fire at Sea
Acrylic and conte on watercolor block
approx. 56" x 90"
October 2013
Acrylic on mounted butcher paper
90in x 72in
May 2012

I was prompted to make work that references oil spills by my experience with wildfires and my dependency on oil, at a young age. These pieces are as much a self-portrait as a commentary of the environmental implications of people’s reliance on oil.

By the time I turned 11 years old my parents were living 3,000 miles apart. In the seven years I lived in New York, I boarded over 112 flights, amounting to roughly 143,298 miles of travel. The fuel that took me from one home to another never changed, it was oil. Oil provided me with the illusion of closeness.

Whether it is a car or a plane, oil has a way of shortening our perceptions of distance.